Engraving Prices

Prices listed are for onsite drop off and pickup.
Prices do not include state/local tax.
Return shipping charged at cost of shipping provider.

AR 15 completed lower / 80% receiver markings include:

Standard ATF Compliance Markings – $45
Your name (as the manufacturer)
City & state
Model (optional but recommended)
Serial number

Selector Markings – $15/per side
Markings for Safe, Fire and Auto positions

See some of the options we can provide here.

Custom Logo – Starting at $40/side

The exact cost will depend on the size and complexity of the logo.

If you can provide your logo in vector format (.ai or .eps) it will save a lot of time and cost to convert it for use in our software. It’s very possible we may have access to the logo you are looking for. Please contact us and ask.

A service charge for converting and / or modifying a logo may apply.

Deep metal engraving and diamond dragging are available depending on the logo and what your future finishing plans are.